Hi! I am Ivy.

I am a committed dancer and movement practitioner. I give regular dance and movement classes in Amsterdam and provide online access to my knowledge base. Beyond strictly dancing, my goal is to deepen people’s movement capabilities and assist them in building a strong, flexible and healthy body.

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12 Mar

Hustle Workshop with Marz

In Collaboration with Hustle Community from Germany (NSH, NRW), we are bringing a special guest teacher from NYC to give a Hustle workshop in Amsterdam!

Having started off in the 70's Disco era, "New York Hustle" came out of the dance scene as a partnering dance primarily danced in the streets and other social gatherings. Of course as in all dance, there are many offshoots from the origins. With the proverbial "What came first? The chicken or the egg?", scenarios. It is enough to say that "today's" Hustle, has its roots from many inspirations.

Marz coming from NYC danced Salsa as his original partnering style in the 90's. Transitioning to Hustle in the late 90's, carrying over latin influence in many leads and movements.

Want to get your learn on? Marz got you. So, GET AAAREADY!!!

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13 Apr

Hamba Haa

Hamba Haa Dance Event in Amsterdam is bringing talented dancers to share their knowledge of South African dance culture with you! Four dance workshops, one lecture, dance games, and an afterparty in one day! Workshops focus on foundations and technique rather than complicated choreography, allowing for real self-expression at all skill level and because we value social connections and inclusivity, we invite you to let loose at our dance games!

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28 Feb

Yoga & Mobility

Yoga-inspired movements that specifically target joint strength and flexibility.

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29 Feb

Movement for House in Context

Movement is a broad practice influenced by capoeira, dance, martial arts, yoga and more that combines strength, mobility, flexibility and creative work all together. It was pioneered by Ido Portal in 2000’s in Israel. Ido believed that none of the specific disciplines go deep enough to understand the bigger picture of Movement and that they would need some basic tools to deal with Movement at the highest level.

In this Movement Bootcamp by Amsterdam House Dance Community, we will zoom into Floorwork patterns with Ivy and Soft Acrobatics with Stan. out a bit from house dance, and zoom into the biomechanics. We will look at the bigger picture of human movement capabilities in order to build a strong and flexible body and that way find more freedom in our dance later on; during the house class by Patty and Saskia. Some of the work we will do includes articulating the spine and improving spinal mobility, mobilising the shoulders, hips and ankles, preventing knee injury, stimulating creativity through partner exercises and of course getting familiar with floor work and soft acrobatics.

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